Cambridge Pre-U

As an alternative to the more common GCE A-Level, Cambridge Pre-U is also a school leaving qualification offered to students aged from 16 to 19, and can be used for university admissions. Launched in 2008, Cambridge Pre-U offers more depth to subject materials compared to GCE A-Level. Cambridge Pre-U currently offers 24 Principal Subjects, each of which require two years of study in an official programme comprising of final exams. However, for some Cambridge Pre-U subjects, short programmes (which might require only one year of study) are also available.


The International Baccalaureate (IB) education system offers 3 international programmes, each of which caters to a different age group.

They are as follows:

The IBMYP Curriculum

The IBMYP covers 8 groups of subjects: Language Acquisition, Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Physical and Health Education, and Design. On average there are 50 hours of learning in all 8 categories every year.

The IBDP Curriculum

The IBDP covers 6 groups of subjects:

• Group 1: Studies in language and literature
• Group 2: Language acquisition
• Group 3: Individuals and societies
• Group 4: Sciences
• Group 5: Mathematics
• Group 6: The arts

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