What is a Common Entrance Examination?

‘Common Entrance Examination’ is the name given to a set of examinations taken by students for entrance to U.K. schools at age 11+ or 13+.

For students age 11+: preparing for preparatory school admission

For students age 13+: preparing for senior school admission

You can take a Common Entrance Examination in January, June and November of each year.

If you want to prepare expertly and thoroughly for higher tier IGCSE and A-levels, the Common Entrance Examination is pivotal because it is generally regarded by senior schools as a trusted indicator of your academic quality.

It does not matter whether you eventually go to a boarding school in the U.K. or not, a practical experience in the Common Entrance Examination can prepare you confidently for the future ICGSE and A-levels ahead.

We can teach you a standard that will equip you with invaluable skills and exam techniques by exposing you to a comprehensive practical experience. Students will also practice on sample papers from prestigious boarding schools in the UK.

Attempts in the Common Entrance Examination can enhance your resilience in the exam, which is detrimental to the results, and can be instrumental in better stress mangement.

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Benefits of preparing for the Common Entrance Examination

Ann Entwisle

ISEB chief administrator

“Children who do well in the Common Entrance exams are those who have acquired age-appropriate skills and subject knowledge, but also the ability to apply them.”

Guide to Independent Schools

" In many academic subjects, high levels of Common Entrance attainment put pupils well on the way to GCSE success. "

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