Intensive IELTS Test Preparation Course

An Intensive IELTS Test Preparation Course using cutting edge technology and current, engaging materials is now available for sign up with GPA Learning in Causeway Bay!
The IELTS exam is not just an evaluation of one’s English level; it’s an exam that requires the candidate to know how to take the test. Building confidence through practice is also key.
Strategies, tips and practice are necessary components. Studying alone, will not yield the best results possible.

This 24-hour intensive IELTS preparation course can be delivered face-to-face either in a small class setting (6-7 students) or one-on-one, depending on the student’s learning preference. Learning specific vocab, grammar and skills necessary for success on the IELTS exam, coupled with tips and strategies for taking the test from a seasoned IELTS teacher, this course is determined to yield great results, in a short time.

This course has been developed by experienced IELTS instructor (10 years+) Sabrina Marchand, who is implementing cutting edge curricula developed by SMRT English Ltd., a digital, web-based curriculum based in Canada. This course embraces the learning and teaching potential of the web using the latest education technologies and this course in particular prepares students to excel on the IELTS examination. The SMRT curriculum has been developed by working with educational institutions all around the world and SMRT English Ltd. has created the tools needed for teachers to reimagine the classroom and teach IELTS exam preparation efficiently and effectively. All content in SMRT is updated with interesting, relevant content, unlike a textbook which becomes quickly out of date.

  • 24-hours of intensive exam preparation (+assignments to be complete at home after each lesson).
  • Includes personalized and individual feedback via one-on-one sessions with instructor x2 throughout the course.
  • Evaluation of written and oral expressions that provide a holistic evaluation process.
  • Experience the question types likely to be on the exam and learn tips and strategies for how to answer these questions.
  • Blended learning that combines face-to-face interaction with the teacher in the classroom and with online content.
  • Unit structure:
    • Grammar with targeted exercises
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Academic vocabulary

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